Dr. Twins.

DR. TWINS is a production company.

DR. TWINS is a music house.

DR. TWINS is Matt & Jason Docter


Matt Docter

Matt is a tirelessly creative humanoid passionate about ideas. Obsessed with making good creative great, he will stop at nothing until he wins an award at Cannes — which he mentions on an almost daily basis, most notably at 3AM when he’s massively improved an agency script by turning the word “ketchup” into “crushed tomatoes.” — Jason Docter

Jason Docter

Jason is the younger twin. There… now you don’t have to ask. He’s super detail oriented — which invariably saves us in the edit. He has a strong visual sensibility — which means he dresses way too hip for a drummer. He has a huge heart, epic stamina, and a knack for connecting with people — he’s probably already FB friended you… and bought you a drink. — Matt Docter