WHAT:: Weekly Meditation group
WHEN:: Wednesdays at 12pm PST ( kicks off October 26th 2022 )

DeVine Meditation is inviting you to a Zoom sit.
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Meeting ID: 836 2614 5700

WHY:: So much of our time spent in this life is a response to outside demands.
Our jobs are a grind. The pressure’s intense. We feel BUSY.

I propose we carve out some time to settle, get quiet, and start to listen again; to let the structures fall apart and see what emerges from our authentic inner beings.

Part of the letting go of structures is have no particular routine. So some (maybe many) days will be just us in silence. Sometimes I will offer a guide, sometimes we will participate in sharing about our experiences together, depending on what is in the space.

This will be super casual. You can come or not, stay or not, be late or not. I am simply holding space.

We’ll see what happens.

If you feel the need for a space that encourages your daily inner connection or calms that internal chatter: come!
If your meeting cancels and you’re left with a window to breathe: come!
If your co-workers or creative team is stuck in a rut: come!
If you feel anxiety in your body and want a safe place to un-wind and feel that for a few: come!
If you want to lay on the ground and stare at the ceiling: come!
If you want to dance in silence with your camera off or ON: come!

If we have been working 1:1 together in partnership, don’t underestimate the support that happens in silence.


Much love to everyone,

“Your essence is very intelligent, very generous. It has a way of throwing a conflict in front of you so that by looking at that conflict, you’ll find out something you need to know. The situation that you are given is perfect in terms of timing, place, the people involved, your capacities, the capacities of the people around you, every detail.”

– A.H. Almaas